Windows Phone Bingo

When it comes to mobile bingo, a lot of the debate seems to primarily come down to Android and iOS devices. However, there is also a third option which you might like to consider, and that is Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile offers a great range of bingo sites for you to play and win cash on, or else just play for fun. So, what are the advantages of playing Windows phone bingo and how does it compare to other mobile options?

Advantages of playing bingo on a Windows phone

You might be worried that there aren’t as many applications available to use on a Windows phone, compared to iPad or iPhone bingo apps, or Android bingo apps. However, this is not the case, as any application which is available for a Smartphone is also useable on Windows phone. This is because Windows phones are more or less Smartphones with a different mobile Operating System. What’s more, during the update from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, it became easier to find Windows mobile apps on the main page, so you can access your favourite bingo apps for Windows phone far easier.

You may also have heard that people with Windows phones experience difficulties when playing bingo on their mobile. However, following an OS update last year, most of these problems have apparently been cleared up, whilst the phone’s overall layout has been redesigned to be more user friendly. The addition of a swipe keyboard has also made online gaming using the Windows phone much easier. In terms of graphics and how the games on the phone look, Windows really stands out from the rest with their large screen size, which allows for greater detail and clarity, as well as making the games easier to play as you’re less likely to get mixed up with buttons. Of Window’s more recent releases, models such as the Blu Win HD LTE and the Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE both have displays of 5.0″.

Compared with iOS and Android

As mentioned before, Windows devices have a larger screen size, which makes them better options in terms of graphics when compared with the iOS or with the Android. What’s more, as Windows phones are largely based on PCs, they tend to have a far faster processing power than Android devices, so bingo games tend to run rather smoothly and do rarely crash.

Windows apps are primarily from the Microsoft App store which is primarily aimed at Microsoft products. This is great for syncing up your applications and your Microsoft devices; however, whilst there is a good range of apps available on the Microsoft store, both Android and iOS devices (including iPads) do tend to have a wider variety overall. This means that more sites, including bingo sites, tend to offer apps for these devices than they generally do for Windows. However, there are still plenty of sites which are compatible for windows mobile bingo, either as an app or a mobile version of the original site.

Bonuses on Windows Mobile Bingo Sites

Many of the brands on this page which offer bingo for windows phone are also offer some great deals. For example, there are no deposit bingo bonuses, where you can get a bonus simply for signing up to the site, and also free bingo, where you can win real money for yourself. Plus, plenty of these sites give players the opportunity to play without having to enter any card details.

Payment methods

There are various payment methods available on these sites, including the usual credit and debit card offerings, as well as eWallets like PayPal, and the ability to pay by having your deposit added on to your next phone bill. It couldn’t be easier.

If you’re choosing a new phone to play bingo on, try out a Windows phone!