Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable to the site The decision of the site to publicise its practices with regards to information sharing is intended to demonstrate their commitment to the privacy of its customers. The policy applies only in relation to this site, and is not intended to apply to the actions of other persons or companies who are not managed by GoMobileBingo.

Your Info and Privacy

GoMobileBingo will ask you for some personal information upon signing up to this site, including, though not limited to, your name and email address. The information disclosed by you may sometimes be used to forward you information about news and events on the GoMobileBingo site. These messages are a part of the information service which you as a customer sign up to when they make an account on the site. You can opt out of these emails by following the instructions provided on the actual email messages themselves. GoMobileBingo will endeavour to cover all the bases of privacy protection and confidentiality with regards to information submitted by you. Third parties will not be given the option of accessing this information, unless we have to disclose it for legal reasons. GoMobileBingo’s security service includes a server, a firewall, encryption techniques, a server and providers, so any information you do enter on to the site is heavily protected.

All present and past employees of GoMobileBingo must comply with these privacy policy terms. This policy is binding, regardless of any previous employee’s reason for leaving GoMobileBingo.

GoMobileBingo’s Use of Cookies

Many sites use cookies in order to investigate and collate data regarding the computer which is being used by a visitor to access the site. In the case of GoMobileBingo, we will sometimes make use of cookies to gather information about the internet usage on your computer or device. When you access our site, these cookies will enter your device to be stored on your hard drive. This is purely to monitor statistical data, and will not reveal any specific or personal information about you. If you decide that you want to decline cookies, then it is possible to modify the settings on your device so they are rejected automatically. Some advertisers may also choose to use cookies, for which GoMobileBingo cannot take responsibility.