Phone Bill Payments for Mobile Bingo

We’re used to seeing lots of different kinds of payment methods offered on online and new mobile bingo sites, but we might be less aware of what these payment methods are and how we use them. One such example is paying for bingo with your phone bill. With this article, we hope to answer all questions you may have about phone bill bingo banking.

What are phone bill payments?

Phone bill payments are where the player’s deposit is simply added on to their next phone bill. With this method, you simply make a deposit on to the site and when your next phone bill comes around, you will find that the deposit has been added on to what you need to pay.

How does it work?

When you sign up to the site, you enter your phone number. When you choose to deposit, simply enter the amount you wish, and the site will charge this to your mobile phone provider. This can be done in a number of ways, either directly through the site or through a Boku account. Boku is a payment processor designed specifically for mobile and mobile phone bill payments. However, some sites may allow you to deposit in a slightly different way, where instead of having the deposit added to your phone bill, you top your up first and then when you deposit, the money is taken off of your mobile credit.

Pros and Cons

Mobile bingo pay by phone bill methods can be very convenient. After all, since you’re playing on your mobile it makes sense to combine this with your payment method as well. One of the biggest advantages this method has going for it is that you don’t need to enter any card details at any point, which is ideal if you’re concerned about security when playing for real money.

On the flip side, some may worry that they aren’t able to keep up with how much they are spending on mobile bingo, since they don’t need to worry about paying for it until their phone bill comes in. It is therefore advisable to keep a note of how much you are depositing, so you don’t get any nasty surprises!

Compared with PayPal and Paysafecard

When compared to other payment methods for mobile bingo, pay with phone bill is surprisingly similar to PaySafeCard, in that there’s a focus on security, which makes both these methods popular with players looking for mobile bingo sites with no card details required. With PaySafeCard, you top up a physical card at a local shop, and then use a pin number on the card to pay for things online. As you can see, this method is very secure and keeps your card details highly protected. However, it can be a bit inconvenient to go out and top up a physical card every time you want to play bingo, and playing by mobile is far more instantaneous and convenient. Simultaneously, topping up with PaySafeCard may allow you to keep a better track of your finances.

There is also PayPal, which is an online eWallet. With PayPal, you deposit funds into a secure account, and then transfer funds directly into that account into whatever it is you want to buy. You only need enter your card details once online and never again, which is far safer. PayPal is about as convenient as paying with your phone bill, but marginally less secure as you do need to enter your card details to use the service. However, it is a better way of keeping up with your finances, and far more sites will accept PayPal than phone bill payments, at the moment.

Lots of brands on this page offer the option of paying for bingo with your phone bill, so why not check them out? Good luck!