PayPal Bingo on the Go

Best mobile sites that take PayPal

PayPal is becoming an increasingly popular payment method for those of us who enjoy online bingo. Not only is it one of the world’s more widely recognised payment services, it is also extremely easy to use. In recent years, advancements in mobile technology have taken the world by storm. It was really only a matter of time before gaming and mobile platforms diverged. Now, more and more gamers are switching to mobile platforms in order to fit gaming into their increasingly busy lives. With an uptake in the number of developing now making games with mobile platforms in mind, gaming quality has never been better. It can seem like a minefield, trudging through the wide variety of bingo sites that take PayPal. To save you the effort, we’ve come up with a list of the best ones on the market. Here, not only are you guaranteed great promos and quality games but also an excellent mobile user interface.

Step by Step how to join

When you’ve found one of the bingo sites that accept PayPal that you like, you’ll first have to become a member before you can take full advantage of the benefits. Generally, this involves a short sign up process where you will then be asked to select a banking method. This is basically your chosen method via which you will deposit and withdraw funds. This is where you can utilise PayPal. Instead of entering your own bank details, simply enter your PayPal credentials. From this point on you’ll be able to accept the site’s welcome offer in addition to many of the other promos.

Pros and cons of funding mobile bingo with PayPal

PayPal is a great way to fund mobile bingo. Often many players have concerns over security when gaming on the go. These can effectively be negated when you deposit and fund with PayPal. Instead of inputting your card details where a site may not have an adequate level of security, PayPal provides an extra layer of security ensure your account details are not shared. PayPal bingo sites can be funded anywhere at any time as the payment service is instantaneous. There is no delay. You can top up or withdraw at the push of a button. If you already use PayPal for other transactions then you won’t even have to open another account. You can use the same account for retail purchases and bingo gaming. The payment method is widely known and trusted as a marker of quality.

One of the only downsides to using PayPal as your preferred method of funding mobile bingo is that it offers little in the way of budgetary control. The funds which are in your PayPal account is generally jus the same amount which is in the bank account you have added. Several other alternative payment methods will offer an additional prepaid card which can either be virtual or physical in form. This allows you to only top up a specific amount and therefore keep your bingo funds and your own funds completely separate.

Compare to phone bill payments and Paysafecard

PayPal is not the only alternative payment method which can be used to fund mobile bingo. Some sites will even let you fund your account with your phone bill. This basically means that the amount you deposit will be added to your phone bill at the end of the month. This can seem convenient however, you will generally only be able to top up small amounts. With Paysafecard, your bank details need never come into contact with the web. You can buy Paysafecard vouchers in one of the registered vendors for cash and then enter the code on the voucher to fund the account. This could be a good idea for those extremely cautious about internet transactions. Unfortunately this would mean that you would have to source a vendor and venture there to collect the vouchers thus making the transaction more laborious.

PayPal is a fantastic payment method for mobile bingo. It is versatile and trust worthy and you can even use it for retail purchases. Try some of the new bingo sites with PayPal to see for yourself.

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