No Deposit Mobile Bingo

There are lots of different types of bonuses available when you play bingo on-the-go, particularly when it comes to welcome bonuses. You may have noticed that many of these sites offer no deposit bonuses, but you might not be sure what this means. In this article, we will explain what a no deposit bonus is and what it means with regards to Terms and Conditions.

What are no deposit bonuses?

A no deposit bonus is, quite simply, a bonus given to you before you have deposited on the site. So in a sense, it is a way of playing free mobile bingo, no deposit required. All you need to do is make an account on the site and you immediately have bonus cash credited to your account. Usually the amount of bonus you get will vary from between £5 and £15. On some sites this is strictly meant for use on bingo games, on others it is slots bonus, but plenty of sites will let you spend on whatever you wish. The no deposit bonus is a great chance to make some great profits and is an excellent welcome to your chosen site – provided you pay attention to the Terms and Conditions.

TIP: some sites grant you a no deposit bonus without asking you to provide your card details.

What does “keep what you win” mean?

The amount you can make on a no deposit bonus depends on the terms of the bonus. That’s where phrases such as “Keep what you Win” come in. In many cases, the winnings that you make with this bonus appear in your account as more bonus cash, which you then have to spend on the site. Alternatively, you might need to deposit and spend a certain amount on the site before you are able to withdraw any cash for yourself, this can be fair but wagering requirements can also end up being very high.

Thankfully, bonuses on keep what you win bingo gets rid of these requirements and conditions, so you can take home the money which you won fairly. This is an understandable risk on the part of the bingo site – a player could easily spend their free bonus, make a big win and then withdraw their cash without playing or spending anything on the site. However, many players appreciate the honesty of this, and often these real money bingo on mobile sites are so good, they come back again simply because they enjoy playing on the site!

T&Cs to be aware of

It’s great when a site has a keep what you win policy, but most sites still operate on wagering requirements, meaning that you must deposit and spend a certain amount before removing your cash. To make matters worse, the wagering requirements usually take into account any bonuses added to your first deposit, as well as your no deposit bonus. So, if you sign up to a site with a £5 no deposit bonus, deposit £10 and have a 200% deposit bonus (£20) added on to it, then your wagering requirements will be a multiplication of all of these added together (So a multiplication of £35 in this case).

However, don’t despair. Whilst some mobile bingo no deposit sites may demand wagering requirements of up to 30x, most are nowhere near this harsh. Many bingo sites, including sites which are mentioned on this page, offer wagering requirements of just 4x, or even as low as 2x the total bonus and deposit amount. If you’re looking for sites which have low wagering requirements, then this page is a start.

If you’re interested in no deposit mobile bingo, then why not try it out for yourself? If you play it right, you could make a massive profit for yourself.