iPad Bingo

As iPads and tablets increase in popularity, more and more bingo sites are offering the opportunity to play on these devices. So what are the benefits of playing online bingo for iPad, where can you play it, and what makes it better or different from playing on another kind of tablet device, such as a Kindle Fire?

Why Play on iPad

Playing on iPad allows you to access online bingo sites even when you’re on the move. So, it means that you can play, make friends and win, no matter where you are – so long as you have an internet connection. You never need to be bored on long train journeys again! Plus you can be making some massive wins even as you commute. Many people may prefer playing bingo on iPads to iPhone bingo sites, as they are larger and therefore have better resolution and graphics in a lot of cases. This is especially true of if you are a slots fan, as slots, particularly large 5 reel and video slots, usually work better on larger screens rather than small phone screens.

Whilst iPads might be a good way to play online bingo with regards to combining flexibility and convenience with fun gameplay and good graphics, there are a couple of disadvantages. They are weightier and clunkier than the average phone, so transport may be an issue for some users. Plus, playing on mobile and tablet devices may make the game less easy for the player to control, and so they may prefer to play on desktop instead.

iPad vs Kindle Fire

iPad’s main competitor in the tablet market is probably the Kindle Fire, which is an Android device. There are lots of pros and cons to both types of device. In terms of games resolution, Android comes out top, as there is a wider range of resolutions which work across different sites and devices. iPad’s resolution isn’t quite as advanced. However, there is a wider range of games to play the iPad, as Apps are usually released into the iOS market long before they enter into the Android market. This means that there are more iPad bingo games (and more recent games) available to play as opposed to the Android bingo app selection. Both types of device are more or less the same when it comes to download speed and efficiency, so you’re pretty safe with either option.

Free bingo games for iPad

You might think that the majority of people who play online bingo games are playing purely to win money, but this is not strictly true. Lots of people play purely for the fun of the game and the social aspect of getting to meet new friends. For this reason, the iPad app store offers lots of free bingo games for iPad which are purely social focussed and are not intended to allow participants to win money. These games can be a lot of fun and come with a variety of different themes, and they also allow you to get to know more people who also enjoy playing bingo games.

Of course, if you still want to play free bingo but also want to have the option of playing for money, then not to worry – lots of iPad bingo sites offer their players the chance to join in free games, through no deposit bonuses and also through special free bingo rooms. There is also the opportunity to socialise through chat games. Lots of bingo sites features on this page offer these opportunities.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the iPad as a fun and convenient way to play bingo games online, with a wide range of options and apps at your disposal for you to play. Enjoy!