Blackberry Bingo Sites

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Back in the early 2000s, Blackberry phones were the must have device for any business person. Their interface and tech made them perfect for networking but now they’re also used recreationally. Blackberry bingo sites are coming to the fore of the bingo world and if you have one of these phones you can dive in.

Our Fave Blackberry Compatible Sites

If you’re ready to start playing with this device then check out these sites:

  • Wink Bingo – One of the biggest names in the business, this site caters to every player regardless of device. The bingo games on this site are top notch, with brilliant jackpots on offer.
  • 888 Ladies – Bingo varieties are spilling out of this site, with so much to play on. Check out their slot games and promotions to kick this site up to the next level.
  • Cheers Bingo – If you feel like life’s a party then this bingo site will be for you. They offer the chance to win up to £2500 from their prize wheel when you make a first deposit.
  • Moobile Games – With a £5 no deposit bonus for all new players, this site is well worth testing out. Their optimised games look thrilling on mobile devices.

Why Use A Blackberry To Play Bingo?

Blackberry phones have their own operating system that won’t be on any other device. Through the years that these phones have been on the market, these have been streamlined and made even better.

Browser Based Apps Vs Downloadable

Blackberry bingo apps aren’t all that common, as they’re not the most common phones for players. Instead, you’re much more likely to use a browser based site, as it’s more likely that a site will design for all phones. This is actually good for players as you won’t be required to pop anything on your device to play.

The only thing you might need to do is download Flash for your Blackberry, as the older versions of the phones don’t have it. There are more free bingo games for Blackberry in their App World than paid ones, so if you’re looking for free games you’ll be well catered for.

Blackberry vs iPhone

You might be wondering which phone is better for mobile bingo, iPhone or Blackberry? Both phones are great for players and will have you dabbing your cards wherever you are. The iPhone has a slight advantage in that there are more apps for it than the Blackberry, but if you’re playing on mobile sites this won’t be much of an issue.

Blackberry phones usually have super speedy processors, so you’ll be able to get online quickly when you want to play. They can also handle the graphics of a slot or bingo game well, something that older iPhones don’t do well.

No matter if you have a brand new phone or an older one, playing mobile bingo opens up a world of possibilities and great jackpots. Who says that you need to be at a computer to chat with your roomies or win big?

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