Android Bingo

At present, Android devices have a significant hold on both on mobile and tablet market. And for good reason; with a wide range of devices available with great quality graphics and effects, there are lots of reasons to go for an Android device when looking to buy a new tablet of mobile phone. But what about if you are an online bingo or casino player? Are androids the best choice for playing on mobile bingo sites, or would an iOS device be better suited to your needs? These are the kinds of questions which we will be seeking to answer with this article.

Pros and cons of playing bingo on Android

There are many positives to playing bingo on your Android device. For a start, there are lots of free bingo games available for you to download for your Android. You can find a great range of free Android bingo games available for you to download from the Google Play store, and you can also easily download apps from online Pay to Play bingo sites.

Android has a highly advanced operating system which works very well for playing bingo. You will not have much difficulty in downloads a bingo app for Android, and these apps will always run relatively smoothly and efficiently. Plus, it is possible to have a shortcut to the app set to the home screen on your device, making it much faster and easier to access the bingo games you want to play.

Plus, as previously mentioned, Android offers a very wide range of devices, meaning that players who wish to play bingo on their device have a very varied choice. This greater choice means that you’ll be able to play on a device which is best suited to your needs.

How does Android Bingo compare with other devices?

So, we know the good aspects of playing Android Bingo, but what about other devices? To begin with, let’s look at iOS devices (both phones and tablets). On average, iOS has a wider range of apps available on the app store, because most game developers find it more profitable to release their games their first. However, the resolution and graphics on iOS devices are not always as good as those found on Android bingo games. There is also bingo for Windows Phone, which means that you can play games downloaded from their exclusive Microsoft app store. Playing games downloads from this store will mean that your device will run these games and apps faster. However, Windows phones can only work with Microsoft apps, whilst Android devices have the ability to work with a much wider variety.

How to stay safe?

If you’re playing bingo on a device which isn’t a desktop, you may be concerned about your safety, particularly your financial safety. Luckily, most bingo sites offer plenty of ways to keep your money and your cash safe, particularly in ways which are specific to playing on mobile. For example, many sites offer the option of paying with your phone bill – simply deposit what you want to play, and this will be added to the next phone bill you pay. This can now be done using specialised apps such as Boku. You can also top up your phone and then pay the site directly using your phone credit. Both of these options are very safe because they don’t require you to enter any card details on to the site.

Overall, there are plenty of reasons to play bingo on an Android device, including convenience, security and fun! So, if you are looking for a new phone or tablet on which to play bingo, why not check out the Android section in the store? Good luck!